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ACT Vision

We are excited about what Jesus
is doing in the world today!

Our vision  :

1. Development of our 33 acre mission’s base and headquarters to reach those in the trucking industry with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

2.  Development of a body of drivers going into the highways and byways to compel them to come in.     Our focus and core values are stated in our mission statement.

Our present ministry:   We have our 35 unit free blacktop parking available.     The Road Angel Café is open 24 hours with, water, coffee, snacks, as well as  free laundry,  and  showers,  Literature, CD’s, with a Video / DVD TV area. Call our phone at 618-427-3737 for after hour’s personal assistance.

Additional services include: Bible Studies, devotions, counseling, and trucker church when a group comes.

In the spring (May) and the fall October) we have Trucker Jamborees with music, teaching, preaching, testimonies, drama, and more with lots of free meals. They have a great time of networking and fellowship with other drivers and trucking companies.

Several times a year we hold special holiday functions for drivers away from family working  Barbeques, National Week of Prayer, and July 4th celebrations, special Christmas meals are examples.        In the summer we look forward to truck – car – tractor shows that attract the whole community including many in our trucking industry where we join with local churches and youth groups with food and live music.

Our vision goals: In the future the Board of Directors and Advisors have a desire and plan to bring fuel for our drivers to the Road Angel. The development of fuel has been a desire for several years, this opportunity will make it easier for drivers to be supplied and not have to make an extra stop. Change has come in the trucking industry and we need to keep up with the times. There have been major changes in the industry since 1951 when Jim Keys began his ministry and 1976 when ACT began ministry. We want to make it easier for most drivers to stop and receive ministry on our campus. We are also prayerfully considering having a truck wash available.

Future additional vision goals: We look to bring in more staff and serve three meals a day.     We are looking for new volunteers from Chaplains, to cooks, helpers, maintenance, and office support. Retired Christian truckers would be ideal in this area, but not mandatory.        Our desire after fuel and staffing are established would be to open a full service restaurant of high quality. Our determination is to remain debt free.

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