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ACT Vision

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ACT Vision

To reach the Truckers of America showing them the Love of God, and sharing the Good News of the Gospel. Being there for them in their time of need.

Development of our 33 acre mission’s base and headquarters with Excellence to provide an Oasis of Love showing truckers, and all that come in the Love of our Lord. We will encourage and pray that each one that comes in will leave better than they were when they came in.

Truckers are our priority and as such we develop, train,and send forth a body of Christian Truckers.that want to reach the lost world in their day to day operations.

To Associate as our name says with other ministries in and out of trucking who’s goal it is to reach the lost for God through his son Jesus.

The focus of our vision is ministry and love to the truck driver and all activity should be measured against this goal.

Vision in action : In the the fall (September) we have Trucker Jamborees with music, teaching, preaching, testimonies, drama, and more with lots of free meals. They have a great time of networking and fellowship with other Drivers and trucking companies.

Several times a year we hold special holiday functions for Drivers away from family and working. Barbeques, July 4th celebrations, special Christmas meals are examples.

In the summer we look forward to Truck – Car – Tractor shows that attract the whole community including many in our trucking industry where we join with local churches and youth groups with food and live music.

Our vision goals: In the future we have a desire and plan to bring fuel for our Drivers to the Road Angel. The development of fuel has been a desire for several years, this opportunity will make it easier for drivers to be supplied and not have to make an extra stop. Change has come in the trucking industry and we need to keep up with the times. There have been major changes in the industry since 1951 when Jim Keys began his ministry and 1976 when ACT began ministry. We want to make it easier for most Drivers to stop and receive ministry on our campus.

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